Goal-based, collaborative care
for Chronic conditions

Diabetes, Hypertension, Joint-Pain, Pregnancy

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Why BetterConnect+

BetterConnect+ is a platform for providing goal-based, collaborative care to chronic as well as long-term care patients such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Ortho-pain, Pregnancy etc.

What does it mean for doctors:

Connect better with your patients!

BetterConnect+ enables Doctors ('Care Managers') work closely with their chronic 'patients', set & monitor disease/condition specific GOALS for specific time period and 'enhance the quality of care' for their patients.

What does it mean for patients:

Connect better with your doctor!

Chronic patients need continuous care from their doctors. As a patient you need to share updates with your doctor, get regular care, consultations, answers for any clarifications and many more.

Use our proprietary 'app' for being connected with your doctor, also set, monitor health goals. Systematic interventions will ensure a timely action as well as better outcome for you.

4 elements of better chronic care management


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Qualified specialist allopathic doctors

Care Manager

Cinque Terre

Patient's virtual health coach


Cinque Terre

Intuitive & futuristic application


Cinque Terre

Family & friends as support system

BetterConnect+ App

Take control of your Chronic Health condition

Patient Stories (Testimonials)

"I told my son, don't worry about me now. Zoey (a care manager allocated to him) is my new daughter... she takes care of me!"

Mr. Rao worked as an Executive Engineer with PWD in Maharashtra. Approaching his retirement, he's very happy about his kids being settled well in jobs.

Mr. Rao's son and family visited him in vacation. He decided to stay back in Bangalore for few more weeks, after seeing them off. While in Bengaluru, he had a major heart attack. The attack was very severe and happened in the middle of the night. With his wife and daughter to support, Mr Rao was admitted in a big hospital in Bengaluru. A pacemaker was implanted and he's back to his routine in two month's time. When he's being relieved, he was assured by the doctor that if he's any further clarifications, he can call the doctor on his cell number.

The real problem started when Mr Rao got back to his native town. He developed some complications within a few days of return. Multiple calls and messages to the doctor's number yielded no response. Calls to the hospital for the doctor wasn't connected by the hospital staff for reasons such as doctor being busy, doctor being unavailable etc. A recent chronic patient, Mr Rao was horrified with the overall healthcare experience.

After Mr Rao enrolled into our hypertension goal-based program, he's able to achieve following:

  1. He takes medicines on time.
  2. All his queries are answered on time by the care manager.
  3. He's had follow-up visit on video- so no need to travel all the way to Bengaluru.
  4. His diet plan, as prepared by his dietician was being difficult for him to follow- so modifications were done by the care manager in consultation with qualified doctor.
  5. He's able to log-in all his health-vitals on-time, as per the app reminder and the care manager is able to connect and guide in case there is any deviation from the goal, or when he goes extra mile to do something extraordinary.
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Gaurav Mishra is 46 years old with adult-onset type 2 diabetes and hypertension. He works in the audit department of a public sector bank. In past two years, Gaurav has had to consult with 8 specialist doctors across various cities in India, with each hospital visit costing him upwards of INR 6000 (~US$100).

Gaurav shares, “See, the real issue is that my job requires me to travel extensively, work odd hours, stay in hotels across cities, eat food from hotels etc. On most of the days I would forget taking medicines or eating food on time; sometimes I would experience bad bowel movement, which would lead to a spike in my blood pressure. Every time I fell sick, I had to consult a new doctor in a new city. He would invariably prescribe me new medicines or change the dosage of my current medicines or both. But my real problem was… even when I was trying my best, my disease (condition) wasn’t in control.

Three months ago, a Delhi based Doctor enrolled Gaurav to BetterConnect+ platform. The Doctor sat down with Gaurav and set up a care plan for him for the next three months. The idea was to help Gaurav keep his BP under control and thereafter lower his BP to a certain level. Since then, Gaurav has been using BetterConnect+ app to keep track of his daily diet, medications, blood sugar, blood pressure readings, physical activities and chat online with the health coach assigned to him.

Gaurav beams, “The change is incredible; it is so convenient to stay connected with the care provider who knows your health history and medications. My blood pressure is under control. I set up reminders for my medicines and rarely do I miss taking my medicines. Bhavna, my health coach is super helpful. In a way I would feel obliged to take care of myself because I know someone was keeping a keen eye on my health progress.”

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